Want to contribute

We hope other people will want to use our CGM and would like to invite you to work with us.

  • Help with validation There are very few repeatability studies validating models in centres other than those in which the model was developed. We’d love to work with you if you are interested in setting one up. We’d be particularly keen to set up multi-centre studies.

  • Share data If people are using the same models then the data should be comparable and we want to build a repository of representative data of people with different conditions which can be used for a variety of purposes. At present it includes anonymised data from children with cerebral palsy demonstrating a range of different gait patterns. It is formatted within an Vicon Eclipse database hierarchy to faciliatate easy access through Nexus or Polygon software.

  • Share code If you implemented a program that would be worth to share with the community. We would be happy to include it into pyCGM2. We invite you to send us your code and a brief description so we inform readers. As an example, we shared the Kalman filter-based gap filling method developped by Mickael Burke

  • Propose a case study we’d love to present pathological applications of our gait model. If you processed your data with our model and obtained interesting clinical interpretation, feel free to contact us.

Want to contribute to the website

That is simple:

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