Due to the sponsorship of Vicon and Qualisys, the documentation only covers Vicon and Qualisys practices. We invite companies interested in interfacing their software with pyCGM2 to contact us through the contact page.

Good news

Vicon Nexus (version>2.9) and qualisys QTM embeds PyCGM2 in their source.

You can use pyCGM2 without any further setup or installation.

Check out the documentation provided by Vicon or Qualisys to know how the package can be used.

Bad news

With Nexus-embedded or QTM-embedded pycgm2, you have not access to the last and updated version of pyCGM2.

All pages of our section Code are dedicated to the external use of pyCGM2.

We explain :

  • how to setup you python environment
  • how to install the pyCGM2 python package
  • How it works

then present the different Vicon or Qualisys available applications.