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BETA pyCGM2 4.2.0 - [june, 2021]

  • documentation API generator. Google style doctrings are parsed and rendered as markdown.
  • new folder examples* with basic scripts.
  • installation do not copy settings into the folder c:/programData/pycgm2/. Default settings are called from the settings folder of your installed pyCGM2 package
  • better management of the settings file (emg.settings and CGMi-pycgm2.settings). Utils.files.loadModelSettings looks for a cgm settings file in your data folder if not found. it loads the default cgm settings.
  • emg processing functions improved. better management of the emg.settings through a new class EMG.EmgManager
  • wrong settings are called if you have several virtual environment

pyCGM2 4.1.0 - Phantoms- [april, 2021]

  • Management of missing markers. The code no longer detects body part (i.e lower body, Upper body or Lower body + thorax). This new feature allows to process data with markers placed over the left or right leg only

  • Anomaly detectors. CGM operations integrate anomaly detectors. Implemented anomaly detectors check :

    • marker trajectory
    • anthropometric data
    • saturation of force plate
    • gait events
  • new QTM workflows : CGM2.5 and CGM2.6 implemented

  • The fitting operation. The user can specify frames of interest (first and last frame) from script argument. If not specified, the fitting operation automatically detect frames of interest based on tracking makers presence.
  • Clarification of the log message.
  • the chord function was reimplemented from scratch ( former implementation was time consuming)

march, 2021

  • hugo as static web site generator